- Blessed Are Those Who Hunger | Scivias: Episode 1

Do you desire to know God’s plan for your life? This hunger to discover our purpose and meaning in life is the necessary foundation to hear God's calling. In fact, desire is the beginning our relationship with God, it's what motivates us to pray. Desire is what opens us to growth in our Christian faith: Jesus is the answer, but are we asking the question?

As we desire and pray, we get to know the Lord better and we begin to trust Him and our desire to do His will increases and we begin to see more clearly what He asks of us. But if we don't desire to know and do God's will, how can we expect to come to know God's plan? Why would He reveal it to us?

If you desire to know your vocation and your purpose in life, “Scivias: Know the Ways of the Lord,” is a vocational discernment video series that will help you answer these questions and grow closer to Jesus. Over the course of 27 short episodes, join Fr. Michael Zimmerman as he explores the Archdiocese of Boston and the depths of our souls. Be inspired and receive the practical tips you need to discover who God has made you to be.


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